We develop technical aids for visually impaired people and the blind that are fundamentally different from anything that’s currently available on the commercial market. With a unique concept – for the people, not for profit. Based in the heart of Europe, we strongly believe in the idea of everyone being able to live independent and limitless lifestyles.

Our projects

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More is in the works!

The concept

Free and Open Source

Our software and components are completely free and open source – meaning that everyone can use them free of charge and change them to their liking as they choose.

We believe that everybody should have the ability to understand the technologies that power their everyday lives and to extend them to their personal needs. We consequently implement this philosophy by publishing everything we develop on GitHub.

Easy and individual

Assistive Technology has to be simple in order to be used in as many environments as possible. It mustn’t forget about any rare edge use-cases, though, and support those as good as possible as well.

Our projects are developed with experienced users, younger beginners and even seniors in mind. We strive for them to be useful for every single social group and in every possible situation.

Ethical and social

We believe that access to Assistive Technology can’t be limited by social standing or budget. We follow this aspect in everything we do: beginning with ethical hosting of this website at and the registration of the domain with

Modern and compatible

Our projects are developed to perfectly integrate into different environments and use-cases. This means that we try to make our projects compatible with as many modern technologies and existing visual aids as possible.

From VIPs, for VIPs.

The team behind AssistiveTool are visually impaired themselves or interact with VIPs on a regular basis. This allows us to develop diverse and great projects that we can instantly implement and test in our own environments and workflows without having to think about a profit margin.