AssistiveCam screenshot, showing white text on solid black background, with the graphical menu enabled.

AssistiveCam is the first AssistiveTool project. It’s currently still under heavy development.

AssistiveCam is a screen-reading software (not a screenreader) that enables the visually impaired or people with low vision to read printed media easily on a large monitor using a camera. Additionally, it can be used to read text in the distance – e.g. by students in class to read their teachers’ handwriting on a whiteboard.

The program features an easy-to-use graphical user interface and keyboard shortcuts for different situations. The graphical interface with its large buttons is perfect for use on devices with touch screens by children or elderly people, while users of traditional keyboards may find themselves using the very easy to remember shortcuts much more often. All of these features are based on AssistiveCam’s sophisticated command system, giving the user a lot of control over how the application behaves.

The command system makes AssistiveCam perfect for more advanced users, because it allows them to make the application do exactly what they need – with minimal effort and in minimal time. This gives it the flexibility that many similar solutions lack and allows for full customizability – without having to touch any line of programming code ever.

AssistiveCam’s interface is designed to emphasize the camera image and not distract users in any way – so they can concentrate on what’s really important. With special features like video recording, taking snapshots or high-contrast reading modes, the software allows users to do a lot more than just to magnify their documents.

Compatibility & Download

AssistiveCam is available for all major computer Operating Systems, such as Microsoft Windows, macOS and various Linux distributions.

As of today, AssistiveCam is not yet ready for use by the general public. If you know your way around source code, feel free to check out the GitHub repository to test and build the application yourself! As soon as AssistiveCam is released, installation guidelines and hardware recommendations for all the platforms will be readily available.

Downloads will be available soon.